Amazon – Mom be a girl again

Moms, aren’t they great?

They make several sacrifices to raise us. Their passion is the one that’s compromised in first place. Amazon very well captured this aspect and came up with their campaign #MomBeAGirlAgain

This campaign series catches the fancy of those people who let their inner child die and left their passion in favour of their stressful daily lives. The brand is well known to talk about everyday life issues and shows how their services help to take a step closer to mitigate those problems!

Who can remind a mother to be a little girl again? The answer being ‘People who know her since her childhood’. Her passions, dreams, and personality are not a distant memory for them. And for them, she will always be that Chhoti, Tinki or Chutki. Her immediate family, friends, neighbours, teachers, etc., will always want her to be the little girl she used to be. And want her to live her life with the same enthusiasm that she did as a little girl or as a Tufani, Gudiya, Lolo. It identifies those people who remember the mother’s childhood – the passions, dreams and personality of a young girl. These are the people who are instrumental in pulling the mother down the memory lane and bringing out the Chhoti, Tinki, Gudiya or Chutki.

This campaign is no different. It talks not about an issue but about a change in behaviour that Moms experience and very craftily places how their children can help them get their hands on their long-lost passion.

The campaign was launched in 2 phases, the one in 2016 consists of 3 videos centralizing on the idea of helping mothers rediscover the young girl they once were and follow their passions and hobbies once again which gained around 20 Million views across all social media Platforms. The one in 2017 consists of other 3 videos centralizing on the idea of identifying those people who remember the mother’s childhood with their passions, dreams and personality of a young girl and who helps pull them back to their memory lane. These ads gathered a staggering 30.1 million impressions in less than a week across countless digital platforms.

This campaign is surely going to hit your brain’s limbic system known for generating emotions. You will get a mix of emotions while watching this one!

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