Andes Beer – Teletransporter

Does your beer understand your needs?

This Marketing Moment is about the Ambient Marketing Campaign from Andes, the leader beer in the Andina Region of Argentina, ‘Andes Beer: Teletransporter’. The problem they identified, when men have beers at the bars with friends, is their girlfriend or wife.

They came up with a ground-breaking innovation that claims to be able to do nearly impossible things. People could go to a bar and share the Andes beer with friends without having any issues with their wives and girlfriends. Andes Teletransporter Booths were installed at Mendoza, Argentina ‘s main bars and proved to be enormously successful. As a woman, the Andes Teletransporter doesn’t have the same appeal, but we can’t deny it’s an amazing way to engage with the target audience of the brand.

Not arguing whether or not this is an ethical commercial (by the way, they try to argue: “Lying is a sin, teleport is not,” the campaign was a success that won Grand Prix for Outdoor, Silver for Direct, and Bronze for Promotion and Activation at the 2010 Cannes International Advertising Festival.

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