BMW vs Audi

BMW and Audi are known to prove their power over each other in a good spirit. One such friendly tiff had broken out on Twitter back in 2018, which gained enormous media coverage and proved beneficial for both German giants.

BMW posted an image of the M4 in its magnificent blue at the Yas Marina race circuit with sparks flying in the background. However, what Audi’s Twitter manager saw was something a little different.

Audi’s Twitter Manager, hence tweeted, “When you see it…”
Taking it a step ahead, when there was no response from BMW, Audi again tweeted, “We’re Waiting”

Just when we were beginning to think BMW might just shrug this one off and pay no heed, the BMW Twitter manager came up with a ballistic reply that goes like “We see it, where we usually do… in the rear mirror”.

Audi and BMW have been in such Ad war earlier as well. Audi advertised the A4 with the tagline ‘Your move, BMW’. Now, this was a clear challenge in BMW’s face, and hence the brand responded with a billboard advertising the 3 Series. And then the whole process was repeated again.

Such advertisement wars have always helped these brands to increase their reach and brand image. As per reports, around 20% increase in showroom visits was recorded globally during the twitter war for both Audi and BMW. Both companies reap immense benefits from this friendly move, and for sure, each wants to present it as superior to the other one.

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