Burger King – The Tweet King

Burger King wants you to order from McDonald’s!!!
We are all familiar with advertisement wars between Burger King and McDonald’s, but things are a little different this time.

Restaurants were forced to close, only allowing takeaway. The restaurants employing thousands were heavily impacted by the move. Burger King took this initiative to boost the franchises suffering from the economic downturn following COVID-19.

The open-ended caption of the tweet made people curious to go through the image posted by Burger King.

Burger King, which is famous for striking advertisement wars with McDonald’s, requested people to order from McDonald’s. This emerged as a clever way of getting customers’ attention.

Moreover, since the advertisement was for a social cause, it won the hearts of millions of people which in turn would help strengthen the brand image and sales in the long run.

Burger King (UK) never fails to roast McDonald’s, which is evident from the last line in the picture. Burger King cleverly claimed Whoppers to be the best again!

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