Ever seen Mickey Mouse partake in a dance-off? Well now you have…
This marketing campaign by Disney is a perfect example of experiential marketing and it was a huge success. But what else? It brought smiles to so many faces.

Disney’s Side Shadows: Perfect Example of experiential Marketing

In the midst of one of New York’s harshest ever winters, Disney was on hand in Long Island to thaw the frostiness with its magical ‘Disney Side’ stunt.

As part of the brand’s #DisneySide campaign that aims to bring out everyone’s side that laughs more, plays more, and just has more fun, Disney surprised shoppers in a mall with shadows of easily recognizable Disney characters that mimicked and interacted with passers-by.

After all the larking about, the doors open and everyone’s favorite Disney characters step forward surprising shoppers and kids who greet them with gasps, hugs and smiles.

An advertising strategy that focuses on helping consumers experience a brand, experiential marketing veers off course from traditional strategies that broadcast brand and product benefits to a wide audience. Also referred to as engagement marketing, experiential marketing may be comprised of a variety of marketing strategies geared toward immersing customers within the product by engaging them in as many ways as possible.

This experiential marketing had a huge impact on audience, it was able to increase the brand image and recognition of Disney in kids. The videos were shared across the internet and brought smiles to millions of faces. It was a perfect example of experiential marketing where audience was engaged and an impact was made.

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