Europe, It’s next door

What if I say that the “Anywhere Door” from Doraemon is a real thing?

This Marketing Moment is about an Experiential Marketing Campaign, ‘Europe, It’s Next Door’ by The Société nationale des chemins de fer français i.e. France’s national state-owned railway company.  This interactive marketing campaign encouraged Inter-European travel by giving individuals a sneak peek at what was happening around other cities in real-time.

The company set up a series of doors which opened to two-way video screens. Individuals on the other side were located in a city across Europe. The video allowed individuals to interact with each other in a unique and engaging way. The campaign drew people into the idea of traveling to a new city and raised awareness that SNCF could make that trip a reality.

SNCF thrilled people with a clever advertisement that struck a chord with customers under the banner ‘Europe is just next door’ This established a bond not just between the customer and the venue, but also with SNCF – bringing it into practice as an organization that could make it. The advertisement teaches us to go beyond video by exploring two-way video communication. Brands need to record the experience so it can be used for additional marketing opportunities, while making sure that the marketing campaigns also achieves the organization’s goals.

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