Glow and Lovely – Same or Different

HUL’s attempt at rebranding Fair & Lovely: Is it a move in the fight against racism or just an old wine in a new bottle?
Protests against racial discrimination took over in the US and HUL’s Fair & Lovely faced a major backlash for stereotyping skin tones in India.

Hence, HUL decided to rebrand itself as “Glow & Lovely” and launched TV Advertisement to communicate the same. It bolsters the fact that the brand stands against the racism, meanwhile, value proposition and the brand narrative stays exactly the same.

TV Advertisement illustrates the transition to the new name twice and removed the shade card from the product to take a strong stand against colorism and racism.

Fair & Lovely has portrayed dark skin leading to failures over the years, hence it made it difficult for consumers to accept that the brand stands against colorism. Changing the mindset of customers for the brand will take time, it can’t be visible immediately.

But, HUL understood the changing definitions of beauty and rebranded itself to stand against colorism. In long run, Glow & Lovely is likely to build a better brand image and hence increasing the sales.

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