Go Pro

The GoPro product is literally a content creation machine. GoPro leverages the passion of their well-known users and prompt them to use the GoPro camera to record and upload.

GoPro knew well that Video content and social media go hand in-hand and this aligns well with their “Be a Hero” slogan.
But it had to differentiate itself from other camera brand and GoPro did it well too.

To seek out emotional and impactful content, GoPro motivated users to generate point-of-view videos for harnessing a driver’s seat experience.
Go Pro’s product was compatible with adventure activities as they can be mounted in hands or helmets.

What gave GoPro edge was its release of the content marketing platform to make it easy for users to upload their videos.

The adventurous and most envy-inspiring locations of beauty around the world of these videos resulted in the extreme e-commerce success of GoPro without widespread advertising.

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