Lay’s – Smile Deke Dekho

A smile here and a smile there, Lay’s ‘Smile Deke Dekho’ paints smile everywhere!
One should always come up with ideas that are easy, simple and highly shareable. Plus, to support any campaign you require a hashtag!

Smile Deke Dekho campaign rolled out in October 2019 globally. Lays gave its staid packaging a quirky look to showcase how a smile can universally connect and convey a mood or emotion effortlessly. Lay’s wanted to create another way for the brand to spread smiles while also making engagement. They aimed to be closer to their consumers and have massive consumer engagement. And, through this, they also wished to find out the love consumers hold for their brand.

#SmileDekeDekho hashtag was super unique and catchy. Lay’s created personalized packages for influencers with their smile on a flavour that matched it. Lay’s generated great results that involved extensive visibility and brought everyone together to share a smile. Lay’s also claimed to have grown 18 per cent faster during the campaign than the pre-campaign period.
A song was also released in collaboration with Sony Music India, featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.

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