Mercedes-Benz – Invisible to the Environment

Mercedes-Benz came up with an unusual way to get their upcoming hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the F-Cell, noticed in their latest outdoor campaign. They overtly flaunted the hatchback on an ‘F-Cell tour’ across Germany for a week. Why was it different?
It was invisible.

There is, of course, no Harry Potter-style ‘Invisibility Cloak’ and there is always some clever technology behind stunts like this. Mercedes achieved this ‘hidden’ effect by using optical camouflage expertise to cover the driver’s side of the car with a veil of special LED matting.

As the car moved, the German public was able to see their ‘reflections’ in the car in this real-time camouflage effect. The vehicle also flashed bright colours when in a standstill position on the road as well as occasionally displaying the words “Invisible to the environment. F-Cell with 0.0 emissions.” in German.

With the hydrogen-powered car’s zero exhaust emissions, the campaign was created to emphasise its ‘invisibility’ to the environment.

Members of the public were wowed and bewildered by the visual effect of the campaign, many gathering around the car to create their own reflection in the LEDs. Hence acting as a Guerrilla marketing campaign for the company.

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