Nike – Find your greatness

When you think of a great athlete what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A super-fit person who wins medals, accolades and fame. But what about the common man? The overweight person in your Gym who is constantly pushing her limits to reach a desired weight, does she have a shot at greatness?

Conceptualized and executed by Nike’s Creative team with the help of the agency Wieden+Kennedy, Nike’s ‘Find your greatness’ is one of its most successful marketing campaigns.

Unlike their competitors, Nike promotes the experience of fitness rather than merely selling a shoe. In most of the advertisements, companies try to portray their products as the heroes. But in Nike’s campaign, the users of their products are the heroes! ‘Find your greatness’ campaign is an example of that.

In 2012, during the London Olympics, Nike launched a campaign titled “Find your greatness”. It was a series of 1-minute videos, featuring everyday athletes, in the sense, people who love sports and people who are in the pursuit of greatness. The meaning of greatness is different for everyone; it may be overcoming your fuse thriving in adversities. The campaign ran in 25 countries and the TV ad coincided with the opening ceremony of the London Olympics. The campaign consisted of multiple 1-minute TV sports, showing the story of people like, an obsessed jogger and Chinese Wushu artist, a young female boxer and more. 

The campaign became the most talked about ad in the Olympics bringing in $506 million revenue, and increased Nike+ membership by 55%. People were 10% more likely to identify Nike as the official sponsor of the 2012 Olympics, when compared to Adidas-The real official sponsor.

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