Pidilite’s M Seal – The Will

Pidilite’s commercials are always a pleasure to watch. Commonly thought as a boring segment, Pidilite’s association with Piyush Pandey (Ogilvy & Mather) has resulted in creative gems that have increased the mindshare and market share of Pidilite’s brands, the most famous of them being Fevicol.

In 2003, Pidilite Industries approached its creative agency, “Ogilvy and Mather” with an exciting proposition.

Pidilite had been selling an epoxy compound adhesive under the brand ‘M-Seal’, primary for industry activities. They wanted to reposition the brand as a consumer product, for repairing domestic water leakage. Usually, while launching a product, marketers try to show the advantages of using that product through the ads.  In this case though, the ad shows the disadvantage of not having used the product!

The 70-seconds commercial shows a willingness protagonist getting his dying father to sign a will in his favour. He succeeds in doing so just before his father’s death, but due to the water leakage from the roof, a tiny drop of water drops over the amount ruining the ink.

This ad worked wonders for Pidilite. Not only did the ad register the brand in the consumers’ mind, but it also remains the best ad in that category. Ads like these which tell stories that their target group can connect to, increase top of the mind recall for customers, which translates as increased sales.  The 8-week long TV campaign induced trials by customers and also affect the sales of M-Seal by 12% in the same year.

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