Precise Parking: Park Assist by Volkswagen

Volkswagen is advertising its new campaign that helps the driver park in tight spaces without hitting other vehicles. This ad shows the alignment of three goldfish in the bags and one porcupine that resembles the scene of parallel parking spaces and the right squeezes driver often must make. The porcupine spike is cm from popping the bags where the goldfish live.
This ad uses many advertising technologies — including humor, creativity, and analogy — to promote their product. This parking assist feature ad successfully uses the need to feel safe, when you first see cute animals, you generally want to touch them and feel very safe around these animals instead of feeling threatened.

The specific target audience for this ad is mainly teens who just got their license as more experienced drivers are not that scared of parallel parking.

With this aid, Volkswagen is trying to send a message that when you ride their newest car; you wouldn’t have to worry about feeling scare when parking. This car with the latest parking assist feature will take care of all of your fears and you will be safe.

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