Spotify’s Cosmic playlist

Do you believe in Astrology? 57% of younger millennials believe astrology to be scientifically accurate!

Spotify leveraged this fact, in 2019, when it launched its cosmic playlist, just before the Super Blood Moon. The company brought on a resident astrologer to curate songs, based on the star sign of the listener. The music was meant to mirror what is written in the stars of the people and helped the listeners actualize their horoscope. 

To promote this new feature, Spotify took an old school approach – Out of home advertisements. The advertisements consisted of horoscopes for different cosmic signs and relating them to music. These advertisements were placed on billboards, bus stops, walls, etc.; which would capture a lot of eyeballs. These were supported with Live Events, Merchandise Posters, Projections and Social Ads into horoscopes.  As a result of the campaign, Spotify could drive over 20 million streams to its new series of the playlist!

The success of this campaign teaches us that billboards and mass media aren’t dead in this digital era, and if paired properly with digital media can work wonders!

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