Tesla Cybertruck

Around a year ago, Tesla Cybesrtruck’s window broke during an event. Was it an accident, or on purpose? We may never get an answer to this question, but for sure we have a case of guerrilla marketing here.

Tesla’s Cybertruck was claimed to have armored glass, which even bullets can’t penetrate. During the demonstration, a small steel ball was thrown at the window with an expectation that it will bounce off the window

But, the window cracked! Not just once, but another try on another window yielded similar results.

The accident was covered by almost all news outlets. The publicity gained from this accident surely outweighed any possible publicity under normal circumstances. Tesla successfully used the accident as a favorable guerrilla marketing.

Only because of this incident, Cybertruck became known across the world and not just among the target audience. The incident proved that sometimes to draw more attention, doing things differently can do wonders. That’s what guerrilla marketing stands for.

Guerrilla marketing may not be the best strategy, but at times it can do wonders.

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