The Epic Split

How do you get people worldwide to talk about trucks? And how do you get truckers interested in driving them?

This Marketing Moment is about the Buzziest Ad Campaign from Volvo Trucks, ‘The Epic Split’. It was filmed in a single take in Spain, where they placed Van Damme on top of two low-speed reversing trucks. The idea behind this video is to showcase Volvo Dynamic Steering ‘s precision, which helps two truck drivers maintain both the accurate distance and speed while driving in reverse. Van, popularly known as ‘The Muscles from Brussels,’ performs his famous ‘splits’ stunt standing on the wing mirrors of both trucks.

Volvo Trucks leveraged Viral Video Marketing and earned 126 million euros. The clip became an immediate hit which racked up over 80 million views. The YouTube video has more than 100 million views and has been shared about 8 million times. There were more than 20,000 stories worldwide in the media about the films. It was also a highly successful awareness campaign that boosted confidence and gave a new tangent for the Volvo Trucks sellers to pitch on.

Volvo trucks followed one of the most crucial marketing concepts of providing the “Reason to Believe” to their target audience in a captivating mode. The idea of positioning and assuming a unique position in the minds and hearts of customers. The reason behind the success of this campaign is the entertainment value provided by the stunt legend and the control of amazing steering by the truck drivers. The stunt is visually appealing. This mesmerizing Ad-Campaign from Volvo Truck that elucidates and exalts their Brand Personality that became one of the Buzziest Video all over the World.

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