Vodafone rebranded as Vi

Vodafone Idea rebranded as V! (read as We), reflecting the spirit of integration or togetherness!

Why the rebranding?
Vodafone Idea after merging together held a market leader position with market share of over 40% (around 422 Million customers) which is from then on seeing a continuous reduction of its market share (now 320M) losing off mostly to Reliance Jio. That’s not it, the stock price is decreasing rapidly too and there is a pressure of paying the AGR dues of around INR 50,000 Cr for the brand.
Their only way ahead was to beat out the competition or they will cease to exist and thus was the reason for their rebranding activity to ensure awareness and recall of new brand identity.

The recent Ad instead of conveying the message very clearly was reported as annoying and ad nauseam by many because of the frequency the ad was pushed on and thus has received more dislikes than likes on various social media channel.
Creative Agency: Ogilvy India

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