Zomato – On Time or Free

Have you ever wanted your food to be delivered late, just so you could get it for free?

Nothing is worse than waiting for something you love! Food delivery is something we’d all love to get on time! A huge factor of Domino’s Pizza’s success is the 30 minutes or free campaign they had employed since 1986. In December 2019, Zomato took a leaf out of this book and launched an ‘On time or Free’ campaign.

While for Pizza, it’s easier to give a hard and fast time limit for delivery, it’s a difficult feat for Zomato to accomplish, considering the variety of food items and restaurants they cater from. This is done by optimising multiple touch points and providing a realistic time for food delivery during order time.

In pursuit to guarantee On-time delivery, in December 2019, Zomato launched an ‘On Time or Free’ feature on the popular food delivery app. In order to drive this point home, Zomato rolled out a TV campaign featuring users who opted for ‘On time or free’. They hope that this time Zomato will be late, so that they can get a refund, only to be disappointed when it comes right on time, again and again.

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